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To work in the underground rehabilitation field without interrupting the above-ground activities.
The “NO-DIG” FOREVERPIPE® system enables to bring the traditional working time down and to reduce its costs.
Hundreds kilometres of underground pipelines have already been inspected and restored by this non-invasive technique, which allows the rehabilitation of the pipelines without damaging the road surface, by enabling the normal course of the above-ground activities.

Main feature
One of the main advantage of this no-dig method is the ability to install linings inside the existing pipe with absolutely no requirement for digging, by making the work easier and quicker than traditional methods.

Rapid completion of work, No-digging, Minimal traffic disruption, Specific design, Identification and traceability of the product, Reduced infiltration, High mechanical properties, Very good flow characteristics, High chemical properties, Suitable for use with potable water, High abrasion resistance, No conductivity, Long term lining life, Reduced costs.
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